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Can sea snail venom be used to treat malaria?

Google Science Feeds - 14 hours 56 min ago
Scientists are indeed interested in this marine snail and in particular its venom, which contrary to all expectations could have many uses in the medical field as opposed to its deadly side for humans. In fact, this animal's venom would contain special ...

Study describes the sequencing of 64 full human genomes

Google Science Feeds - 14 hours 57 min ago
Among other applications, the work will enable population-specific studies on genetic predispositions to human diseases as well as the discovery of more complex forms of genetic variation. Twenty years ago this month, the International ...

Elon Musk is Dreamy about His Mission to Mars. Here's How He's Waiting to Meet His 'Babe'

Google Science Feeds - 15 hours 21 min ago
Elon Musk is pretty focused on his mission Mars and to send humans to the red planet by 2026. Musk is clearly enamored by Mars as was apparent in his recent tweet. “Hey babe” is what he wrote to tweet that showed the red planet's full rotation shared by ...

Foot and mouth outbreak 20 years on - Have lessons been learned in Cumbria?

Google Science Feeds - 16 hours 20 min ago
Here Caz gives a voice to what she experienced 20 years on, and how foot-and-mouth had some parallels with Covid-19. I listened back to some of the radio archive from ...

Earth microbes could survive on Mars, study finds

Google Science Feeds - 17 hours 9 min ago
In September 2019, the researchers launched four fungal and bacterial samples from earth on a large NASA scientific balloon into the middle of the stratosphere, where radiation levels resemble those on the surface of Mars. Some ...

How to buy cheap flowers online

Google Science Feeds - 17 hours 17 min ago
Go online to get cheap garden-fresh flowers: · Consider weekday flower delivery services: · Prefer to buy seasonal flowers every time! · Avoid add-ons or extra blooms with your delivery: · Always order early before occasion: · Go with your instincts: · Conclusion: ...

Human genome sequencing rises to the next level

Google Science Feeds - 17 hours 19 min ago
The brand new reference dataset contains 64 assembled genomes representing 25 completely different human populations from across the globe. (Getty Pictures through Univ. of Washington). Twenty years after the primary human genome sequence was ...

Mat-Su now has the highest COVID-19 daily case average in the state and one of the lowest vaccine rates

Google Science Feeds - 17 hours 20 min ago
Even as Mat-Su took that position, several major high school sports events moved there from Anchorage due to less strict coronavirus protocols. Mat-Su moved into the top spot for daily average ...

Proposed Mauna Kea Working Group Is Already Creating Divisions

Google Science Feeds - 17 hours 23 min ago
At a 90-minute hearing on the resolutions Thursday, lawmakers heard concerns over the composition of the group and what exactly it should accomplish. Despite those concerns, the House Judiciary and Hawaiian Affairs and Water and ...

Scientists Further Studied Walker's Degradation In 3D Magnetic Nanowires

Google Science Feeds - 18 hours 21 min ago
IMAGE: FEFU spin nano lab, research equipment see more. Credit: FEFU press office. Physicists from Russia, Chile, Brazil, Spain and the UK have studied how magnetic properties change in 3D nanowires, promising materials for various magnetic ...

The Milky Way Can Be Littered With Planets With Oceans And Continents Like Earth's

Google Science Feeds - 18 hours 59 min ago
Discovering life on other planets is right now the main objective of scientists. But for there to be life, a series of conditions must be met, including the presence of water. However, how the liquid element appeared on our planet is still debated: did it appear ...

Researchers find ultimate smoking gun in dinosaur extinction

Google Science Feeds - 19 hours 49 sec ago
The debate over what killed the dinosaurs has remained unsettled for, well, forever. The leading theory is that a massive asteroid impact in the Gulf of Mexico set off a chain of events that dramatically changed the climate, snuffing most large species out. Now ...

High resolution space debris imagery

Google Science Feeds - 19 hours 5 min ago
Credit: Figure courtesy of Matan Leibovich, George Papanicolaou and Chrysoula Tsogka. Waste is not just a problem on Earth. According to NASA, there are currently millions of space debris in ...

Researchers identify 'violent' processes that cause wheezing in the lungs

Google Science Feeds - 19 hours 8 min ago
Improved understanding of the physical mechanism responsible for generating wheezing sounds could provide a better causal link between symptoms and disease, and help improve diagnosis and treatment. The results are reported in the journal Royal Society ...

Dingo effects on ecosystem visible from space

Google Science Feeds - 19 hours 49 min ago
The study, recently published in Landscape Ecology, pairs 32 years' worth of satellite imagery with site-based field research on both sides of the Dingo Fence in the Strzelecki Desert. The researchers found that ...

'We couldn’t afford fertility treatment so we risked finding a sperm donor on Facebook'

Health News BBC - 20 hours 25 min ago
The high cost of fertility treatment leads some to find donors on social media, even though it's risky and could be illegal.

Young vulnerable people receive vaccine

Health News BBC - 20 hours 35 min ago
Nearly 200,000 extremely clinically vulnerable young people have been offered their vaccine.

NHS nurse who inspired four of her children to be nurses

Health News BBC - 20 hours 36 min ago
A nurse who died with Covid-19 inspired nearly her entire family to join the NHS.

SpaceX fires up SN10 Starship prototype for 2nd time

Google Science Feeds - 20 hours 58 min ago
SpaceX has fired up its newest Starship prototype for the second time, continuing the vehicle's test-flight prep. Starship SN10 ignited its three Raptor engines for a few seconds today (Feb. 25) at 5:57 p.m. EST (2257 GMT) in a "static fire" trial at SpaceX's South ...

New-found oldest primate ancestor watched the dinosaurs die

Google Science Feeds - 21 hours 24 min ago
It's time to update the primate family tree — again. Scientists recently discovered fossilized evidence of humans' oldest ancestor ever. In a new study, a team of paleontologists analyzed tooth samples found in Montana and determined plesiadapiforms, ...


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