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Teeth, prenatal growth rates, and the evolution of human-like pregnancy in later Homo

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 20:42
Humans are characterized by having very large brains relative to body size. Because gestation is critically linked to brain size, pregnancy is an important but elusive aspect of hominid evolution. We developed two methods for reconstructing prenatal ...

Newly discovered sexual reproduction process furthers understanding of plant and algae evolution

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 20:00
Scientists have discovered a sexual reproduction process in microalgae that helps them better understand algae and plant evolution. Their discovery could lead to new industrial applications for microalgae, ranging from wastewater treatment to ...

Nobel shines light on paleogenetics, study of ancient DNA

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 19:50
New Nobel laureate Svante Paabo is considered the father of both paleogenetics and paleogenomics, which aims to reconstruct the genetic information of long extinct human relatives. But the prize may have led some to wonder why a ...

SpaceX rolls rocket to pad ahead of Crew-5 astronaut launch (photos)

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 19:47
The hardware that will fly SpaceX's next astronaut mission for NASA is poised and ready for liftoff. The Crew-5 mission is scheduled to launch at noon EDT (1600 GMT) on Wednesday (Oct. 5) from Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida, ...

When to see October's partial solar eclipse

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 19:05
Whether we think about the planets, asteroids, moons, comets, meteors etc. the one thing that they will all include is the Sun. The Sun isn't a solid mass but ...

How Sun Sleeps: IISER Study Reveals What Happens When Solar Activity Is Missing

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 19:01
But it has not been like this forever. There have been times when the sunspots on the surface completely vanish and the star in our solar system appears to be sleeping. Researchers at the Center of Excellence ...

Ancient DNA Discoveries Lead to Nobel Prize in Medicine and Help Explain How Humans Evolved

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 18:48
The Nobel Committee announced today it was awarding Professor Svante Pääbo the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2022 for his "pioneering research" into ancient DNA. It all started with a 40,000-year-old bone. That Neanderthal bone contained ...

Watch SpaceX launch 52 more Starlink satellites, land rocket tonight

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 18:12
SpaceX will launch 52 more Starlink internet satellites to orbit tonight (Oct. 3), and you can watch the liftoff live. The Starlink satellites are scheduled to lift off atop a Falcon 9 rocket from California's Vandenberg Space Force Base tonight at ...

The Sun Just Unleashed Its Most Powerful Solar Flare In Months With More To Come

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 18:11
Solar flares are bursts of energetic particles that typically erupt from sunspots on the sun's surface. These blasts of radiation travel at the speed of light, arriving at Earth in less than ten minutes, but our planet's magnetosphere deflects most of the ...

NASA Snaps Sun Spitting Out a Big, Dazzling X1 Solar Flare

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 18:01
It's party time on the sun. Our host star's been ramping up its activity lately, and it delivered an impressive X1 solar flare on Sunday. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory caught sight of the big burst of radiation. The major flare appears as a bright ...

NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter spots debris on its leg on latest flight

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 17:30
Ingenuity is flying well into an extended mission. The drone is the first ever to fly above Mars and was originally rated for five flights. Now it's about to break that mark by sevenfold.

Mangalyaan reaches end of life, confirms Isro

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 17:07
On September, 27, 2022, Isro organised a one-day national meeting to commemorate the Mars Orbiter Mission, as Mangalyaan completed eight years in Martian orbit. During the national meeting, Isro deliberated that ...

India loses contact with Mars orbiter: reports

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 17:00
India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) may have finally reached the end of its operations after eight years spent orbiting the Red Planet. Ground stations operated by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have lost communication with the spacecraft ...

NASA revisits Europa with Juno spacecraft

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 16:54
NASA's Juno spacecraft just made the closest flyby of Jupiter's moon, Europa, in over two decades. Juno swept within 219 miles (352 kilometers) of the icy world on Thursday, Sept. 29. The pass was only a mile shy of the closest visit on record, ...

BESSY II: Localization of d-electrons in transition metals determined

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 16:29
Summary: Transition metals have many applications in engineering, electrochemistry and catalysis. To understand their properties, the interplay between atomic localization and delocalization of the outer electrons in the d orbitals is crucial. This insight ...

NASA, SpaceX targeting Oct. 5 to launch Crew-5 astronauts after Ian delays

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 15:31
NASA astronauts Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada, Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) astronaut Koichi Wakata and Roscosmos cosmonaut Anna Kikina have been at Johnson Space Center in Houston during the final weeks before they travel to Florida for liftoff with SpaceX ...

Mangalyaan: What happens when a space orbiter's mission ends?

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 15:15
India's Mars Orbiter Mission, known colloquially as Mangalyaan, has reportedly run out of fuel. According to a report by Press Trust of India, senior officials of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) confirmed that Mangalyaan's cells can no ...

Everything to See in the Sky This Month — From a Possible Mercury Sighting to a Meteor Shower

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 14:55
October may not have an asteroid crash, but with upcoming meteor showers, Mercury sightings, and a partial eclipse, the astro fun is hardly slowing down. First things first: Northern lights sightings are on the rise, and it's only going up from here.

Webb May Have Found the Oldest Stars in the Universe

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 14:45
Early analysis of Webb's First Deep Field image indicates researchers captured some of the universe's earliest galaxies. The “Sparkler Galaxy” is 9 billion light years away and is determined to contain globular clusters, or ancient ...

When, where and how to watch Partial Solar Eclipse in October

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 14:18
You should never look at the sun through unaided eye or even binoculars and a telescope without special filters and that applies to solar eclipses. Your regular spectacles are not enough, you should use solar viewing or eclipse glasses to enjoy the view of ...